GROW-101-Online LIVE Interactive Home Growing Course

GROW-101 Online LIVE Interactive Home Growing Class $149

This is a LIVE Interactive “Online Home Cannabis Growing Class” that you can take from home on your desktop or laptop computer.

NOTE: This is NOT a pre-recorded or self-paced class. This is a LIVE class taught in real-time by an actual instructor. The Grow School’s CEO and Head Instructor, David DeGraff Hamill, will be teaching this live class.

During this online live class, you can see and ask questions to your instructor in real-time and get immediate answers.

This online class is specifically designed to teach you EVERYTHING you will need to know to succeed at growing high quality, indoor, organic, soil-grown cannabis in a residential setting such as your home or apartment.

Adults can take this GROW-101 Online LIVE Class from a computer or laptop running on ANY of the following operating systems:

• Windows XP (or any later versions of Windows); or

• Mac OS X 10.5 (or any later versions of OS X); or

• Linux (running on Firefox only)

No prior grow knowledge or experience is needed to take this class. Everyone, from novices to intermediate growers, can benefit from this GROW-101 Online LIVE Home Cannabis Growing Class.

This Online Home Cannabis Growing Class is comprised of one five to six hour long class, generally given on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Once you purchase the online class, we assist you in finding a start date that works for your schedule.

In this six-hour, one-day online class, we will show you how easy it is to produce a year's worth (about a pound) of organic, soil-grown cannabis using only a 5x5 space in your home or apartment in 4-months time (using only about $35 a month in electricity).

Your instructor will record each class AS IT IS HAPPENING just in case you cannot attend your class or if you miss any part of your class. After the class has finished, your instructor will email all registered students a high-definition video copy of the class. Even if a student missed the entire class, the student will still get the recording of that class to watch later. Students may review these class recordings any time at their leisure.

This GROW-101 Online Class comes with:

  • The Grow School’s 140-page GROW-101 Student E-Book containing ALL of the information presented in the class.
  • Free access to the Grow School’s 24/7 “Garden Support” Service Network.
  • Lifetime discounts on any needed grow supplies at selected grow supply stores.

The GROW-101 Online LIVE Class curriculum includes the following topics:

  • Basic Legal Intro
  • Electrical Theory
  • Lighting Theory
  • Ventilation Theory
  • Equipment Selection and Proper Setup
  • Basic Grow Room Setup
  • The Grow Cycle of the Cannabis Plant
  • Soil Mixing
  • Watering and Fertilizing
  • Identifying and Solving Nutrient Deficiencies /Overages
  • Pruning and Trellising
  • Problem Solving Using Organics
  • Intro to Reproduction and Breeding
  • Basic Cloning Techniques
  • Screen-of-Green Technique
  • Harvesting, Trimming, Drying, and Curing Your Cannabis
  • Intro to Bubble Hash Making
  • Intro to Making Cannabis Oil / Butter for Cooking and More

The ComfyTree grow instructor has over 29 years of experience in cultivation including seven years in Europe and Holland. Learn the power of growing your own. 


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