Dispensary & Cultivation Application Workshop (Virtual Class)

Not sure how to present or develop your financial valuation of your dispensary or cultivation center to investors? You've come to the right place.  We will make your investors comfortable with your business plan.  That's what we do... We are ComfyTree.

Our ability to analyze market trends, consumer segmentation, and pricing strategies allows us to develop realistic revenue forecasts to help you understand the net present value of your cannabis business.  Need to understand how your strand mix and size mix impacts your financial valuation?  Let our experts show you how you can build scenario planning into your financial model to secure your investment deal.  

We can dive into your expenses and develop an extensive cost-reduction strategy designed to improve your bottom line and improve your gross margins. We will help you find ways to free up cash so you can reinvest in your dispensary, cultivation center, or cannabis businessComfyTree Cannalytics help you navigate uncertain market conditions with comfort.

Your information will be confidential and protected through non-competes and disclosure events. 

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