ComfyTree CannaBazaar - Jacksonville, FL

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This year in Jacksonville, we're hosting a special, exclusive, live streamed event for no extra cost. We're only selling 30 tickets so maximize 1:1 interactions and capture them on film.

Research shows that 14 more states will legalize marijuana for recreational adult use in the next five years, creating a $10.2 billion dollar cannabis market by 2018. This means marijuana will find its way to your town sooner than you think.  

ComfyTree's CannaBazaar is the best way to prepare for your entrance into the cannabis industry. 


Full 2-Day Pass Includes:

ComfyTree Cannabis Academy

Our syllabus is ideal for those who know that they are interested in gaining access into the cannabusiness or institutional activism and are interested in cost saving business materials to get started.

All Cannabis Academy Sessions Come With:

  • A take-home resource kit with materials that will significantly reduce your time and financial investment. 
  • Questions to ask potential consultants,
  • Sample licensing applications,
  • Access to take home seminar material.

In this class, you will learn practical success tips for moving forward in the cannabis industry. 

The ComfyTree Grow School

At the ComfyTree Grow School, you will hang out with an expert grower from Colorado who will show you the ropes or tighten up your skills. Here are some topics that you will learn: 

The GROW-101 one-day (6-hour) course will teach you:

  1. Proper Grow Equipment Selection
  2. Correct Grow Room Setup and Safety
  3. Electrical Theory and Safety Requirements
  4. Ventilation Options and Solutions
  5. Odor Mitigation and Elimination
  6. Soil Mixing
  7. Simple and efficient Grow-Room Environment Modifications
  8. Cannabis Grow Theory; Determining Plant’s Sex
  9. Watering and Fertilizing; Problem Solving
  10. Using Organics for control and prevention of bugs, mold, mildew, etc.
  11. Cannabis Reproduction using Cloning
  12. Trimming; Harvesting
  13. Curing your Cannabis.

*Topics may change as electives may be substituted. 

All Comfy Grow School Courses include:

    1. One Free Year of The Grow School’s  24/7 “Garden Support” program. This will allow you access to the expert instructor for 1 year for troubleshooting with your plants as you practice throughout the year. Think of it like the Geek Squad for your garden. If we save 1 crop for you, this alone is worth the total package price. 
    2. A 120-page Student GROW-101 E-Book containing all of the information taught in the course (readable on any device that can access the internet). Retail value is $50.
    3. Discounts on grow supplies.
    4. Certificate of Completion. 
ComfyTree Career Fair Expo

The ComfyTree Expo will be a showing of a few cannabis companies available for you to talk to or buy products from.

Come to shop, stay to pitch yourself. 

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