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Whether you are a prospective patient, investor, entrepreneur,

activist, or enthusiast, we have something for you in our rotating schedule.

Here are some sample topics of what cannabis business and industry related information you could learn at our events (for more specific details, click on the city you'd like to attend the event in on the left): 

Industry Overview

Learn about the market opportunities for investment, market growth rates, potential pitfalls, and competing agendas.

Local and Federal Law

Learn about the differences between local and federal law and how it relates to you as a patient, entrepreneur, activist, or investor.  Learn how to get a doctor’s recommendation and a state ID card as well as grasping the legal protocols for your state. Learn the most practical ways to change the laws on a state and local level. Evaluate whether getting a state ID card is right for your goals.  Receive insight on what to expect in your application to establish a cultivation center or a dispensary. Know the best ways to structure your business to legally retain more money. Learn how to find an attorney, accountant, and doctor who will serve your needs effectively. Understand what a membership agreement is and why you need one. Understand the importance of licensing agreements.  Learn how to choose your business location. Understand the zoning laws for your dispensary or cultivation center. Learn about HIPPA laws. Learn where the law still makes it difficult for patients and entrepreneurs to succeed.  Discover loopholes and current areas of need for cannabis activism. Calculate the risks and barriers of entry and decide if the marijuana industry is a good fit for you.

Business Opportunities within the Hemp Industry

Did you know that there are avenues for you to enter into the cannabis industry legally even before your state passes legislation? Have you considered what it might be like to be a hemp farmer or manufacturer? Are you interested in the medical benefits of hemp without the legal red tape and psychoactive effects from marijuana? If so, this session is for you. 

History, Politics, and Culture

Many are debating the legalization of marijuana, but few are asking why marijuana is illegal in the first place. This section aims to help you understand the cannabis industry within the historical context of prohibition and how to take reformative action. It highlights activist groups, movements, and key figures who are moving the cannabis industry forward as well as figures and organizations lobbying against marijuana reform.

Marketing and Advertising

Learn the most effective ways to market and advertise a dispensary while remaining compliant with local law. Gain consumer insight and target demographics.  Learn about how to communicate your brand message through proper interior design, website layout, advertising, and inventory.

Cannabis Diversity

Learn about supportive resources for ethnic minorities, women, members of the LGBTQ community, and veterans in the marijuana industry. Gain insights on multicultural cannabis consumers and more. 

Compassionate Selling and Budtending

Did you know there are thousands of cannabis strains that vary in their chemical make-up and in how they were grown, manicured, transported, and bred? All of these things have an effect on the user. Understanding plant makeup can help you offer your recreational and medical clients what they need.  

Cooking with Cannabis

Cannabis is not just for smokers. In fact, alternative forms of medicating are growing exponentially. Come learn about the new trends in consumer preferences and how to make extracts and tinctures, which can be used for edibles, salves, creams, and other products. Learn about how cannabis businesses are making the most out of this exciting new trend.

Cannabis and Effects on Health

While the federal government maintains that marijuana has no medicinal value, research continues to paint a different story. Learn about how marijuana has been making a difference in consumer health.

Financial Analysis

In this section, you will learn how to price your products, how tax information will directly impact your business, and how you can protect yourself from unbalanced tax laws.  You will also learn what the War on Drugs is costing America, how to properly manage your dispensary budget, and how to protect yourself from inventory shrinkage.

Community Relations

Here, you will learn some of the best practices for integrating a dispensary into a community. You will learn how the presence of dispensaries are elevating local communities and how community service helps with marketing, financial protection, and public relations.  

Real Estate

Learn what to consider when evaluating real estate. Know local zoning laws that affect the types of spaces you are allowed to rent. Know what to expect when considering a realtor and when to engage one. Learn about resources that can help you hone in on cannabis-friendly partners. Learn how to pick a safe space and set up a facility with gold-standard security.

Retail Products

In this section, you will learn all there is to know about retail products. What are some of the best products to stock in a dispensary? What are some of the most in-demand items that people will want to purchase? How can I make the most of upselling and cross selling while remaining compassionate? Learn all of this and more.

Dispensary Management

A dispensary is unlike many traditional businesses and requires robust support technologies that are suitable for the unique challenges of the cannabis industry. Learn about the best tools to keep your business safe and customers happy. Get information on the best tools for point-of-sale systems, security, patient verification, and currency exchange.

Arguments Against Marijuana

Learn about what some of your toughest critics will say about your business and learn the best ways to respond to these criticisms with facts and science. Learn the best way to advocate for patients and marijuana businesses.


Learn the fundamentals of growing cannabis and things to consider when managing a grow site. Get connected to some of the industry’s best master growers.


Meet other professionals in the cannabis industry. Find business partners, angel investors, growers, and future dispensary owner partners. Pitch your ideas to people who are ready to be a part of the Green Rush.

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