The ComfyTree Grow School

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The ComfyTree CannaBazaar is an event that contains a business aspect, a grow aspect, and a career fair.

Our Grow School is a strategic partnership between ComfyTree and The Grow School aimed to bring concentrated cultivation knowledge to prospective patients, caregivers, and cultivators via a ComfyTree CannaBazaar Event. The Grow School is typically the second day of the two-day CannaBazaar event. Led by David Degraff and supporting staff, students will gain a diverse, advanced, and technically sound education on growing. 

The GROW-101 one-day (6-hour) course will teach you:

  1. Proper Grow Equipment Selection;
  2. Correct Grow Room Setup and Safety; 
  3. Electrical Theory and Safety Requirements; 
  4. Ventilation Options and Solutions;
  5. Odor Mitigation and Elimination;
  6. Soil Mixing;
  7. Simple and Effective Grow Room Environment Modifications;
  8. Cannabis Grow Theory; Determining Plant's Sex;
  9. Watering and Fertilizing; Problem Solving;
  10. Using Organics for Control and Prevention of Bugs, Mold, Mildew, etc; 
  11. Cannabis Reproduction Using Cloning;
  12. Trimming, Harvesting, and Curing Your Cannabis.

*Topics may change as electives may be substituted. 

All Comfy Grow School Courses include:

  1. One free year of The Grow School’s  24/7 Garden Support program.
  2. A 120-page Student GROW-101 e-book containing all of the information taught in the course (readable on any device that can access the internet).

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