Diversity & Inclusion in the Cannabis Industry

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ComfyTree Celebrates Diversity as a Default

ComfyTree Enterprises is an organization founded by women and ethnic minorities to reduce the barriers to knowledge and business opportunities in the marijuana industry for marginalized groups of people. At ComfyTree, we do not believe in the ‘illusion of inclusion.’ We actively seek out and hire a diverse group of people. ComfyTree is 100% black owned and 50% woman owned. We also have 80% black affiliates, interns, and consultants within our network, as well as Native Americans and people who identify as LGBTQIA. We value supplier diversity and utilize diverse vendors from companies that are predominantly women and minority owned. We value inclusion without exclusion and honor the support of our allies who are not people of color or women, but who value making a difference in the cannabis industry and the world. 

Our Foundation

The ComfyTree Cannabis Diversity Foundation serves to:

Educate - Education is not only a priority, but it's also a cornerstone of what we do. We provide quality cannabis education from a variety of cross sections. We combine Fortune 500 business knowledge, college level instructional design, critical cultural examination, and advocacy-style community engagement. We educate marginalized entrepreneurs and media in their goal of understanding diversity in the cannabis industry, and owners and operators on how to adapt various principles. 

Elevate - We aim to promote holistic representation in the marijuana industry. We actively seek opportunities to offer our platform and resources to provide visibility and access to marginalized groups.  We provide a pathway into the cannabis industry and a stage on which to deliver.

Emancipate - We provide tools to help our audience escape corporate America. We inspire creativity in entrepreneurship and provide practical tools for achieving dreams. We provide support to entrepreneurs that will assist them in taking their businesses to the next level.  


In the Community:

Dispensary Application Workshop - Offered a free dispensary application workshop to a predominantly African American audience. Results: 100+ registrants. 5 Applicants. Learn More

Hemp Field Trip - Offered free hemp field trips to marginalized groups of people and volunteers of cannabis legislative reform. Learn More

Atlanta Cannabis Academy - Our Atlanta Cannabis Academy targeted African Americans who were on their way to becoming cannabis entrepreneurs. As a result, 75 African American attendees were able to learn about the budding marijuana industry.

What they thought:


A second opinion. 

Access Scholarships - We have provided more than 50 Access Scholarships to marginalized groups of people.  We have supported both vendors and attendees in overcoming access barriers and offered them a national platform with media attention. See them in action here and here.

Language Access - We have staffed our events with interpreters and have overcome deafness as a barrier to gaining cannabis education. Learn more about it here

Minority Cannabis Business Association - Two of the four founders of the Minority Cannabis Business Association are ComfyTree owners, including the founding President and Education Co-Chair. Learn more about the MCBA here.



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