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The legal marijuana market is the fastest growing industry in the U.S. and we want to make sure you don't miss out on the Green Rush. ComfyTree offers entry-level cannabis training, consulting, and resources on how to enter and operate within the cannabis industry. We provide online classes, conferences/workshops, and resources to provide accessible and affordable education to entrepreneurs globally regardless of their state or country's legal status. Entrepreneurs in prohibition states benefit from advanced knowledge to help prepare for the future marijuana industry.  Entrepreneurs in the legal marijuana market can utilize our consulting and educational services to grow market share and outperform the competition.


Our team of entrepreneurs, MBA's, and Ph.D.’s has over ten years of experience with companies such as Unilever, Arnold Worldwide, Groupon, and Nike as well as creative start-up ventures across the region.  Our skill set is effective throughout every business cycle, from growth phase to recovery phase.

Our experience is threefold. We understand the corporate American business model, the creative fuel needed to turn an idea like starting your cannabis dispensary or grow site into a viable business venture, and the activism required to make it happen.


As activists, we understand that structural change is necessary for holistic success in the cannabis industry. We have already helped influence zoning laws in Illinois to give dispensary owners the best chance to succeed. We collaborated with law enforcement to spearhead and overcome the negative opinions about marijuana.  We have consulted with cannabis attorneys for the best practices in navigating the legal tangles of the marijuana industry. 

Within this new industry, there is a growing need for expertise in increased awareness, strategic positioning of businesses, and activism. Being involved in the cannabis industry or inviting the industry to your state is something to be welcomed, not feared. We are experts in making all parties feel comfortable. We are ComfyTree.




Are you looking to invest in a talented team with unassailable passion and career focus? If so, you've come to the right place. ComfyTree Enterprises has a variety of business opportunities for investors looking to spice up their portfolios. The medical and recreational marijuana industries are currently outpacing the growth of the smartphone industry, and cannabis is the largest growing market in the United States.

And it’s not just about growing and selling cannabis; there are adjacent business opportunities related to cannabis.  ComfyTree would be pleased to pitch a variety of business strategies residing in our portfolio to interested investors.  Our business concepts are simple: We want to make the legal marijuana industry safe, efficient, and comfy for everyone. 


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