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Are you a Canna Enthusiast or a Careerist?

Why procrastinate? Think about it, how many times have you had an idea and shortly after saw it on TV or in the store?  How many times have you wrote a song or designed a piece of art and noticed another artist with your concept? Is it because someone stole your idea or because you did not take advantage of an opportunity? Don’t wait for cannabis legislation to change the laws in your state – be a part of the movement today.

Research shows that 14 more states will legalize marijuana for recreational adult use in the next five years, creating a $10.2 billion dollar cannabis market by 2018. This means marijuana will find its way to your town sooner than you think.  Call 541-414-4367 to enroll or purchase a package below to purchase your ticket!

$199 – The Canna Enthusiast Package

This package is perfect for those interested in gaining a full overview of the industry and areas of opportunity for investment, activism, and enterprise.  The package includes admission to the full day cannabusiness learning experience.

$249The Canna Careerist

This package is ideal for those who know that they are interested in gaining access into the cannabusiness or institutional activism and are interested in cost saving business materials to get started. This package includes admission to the cannabusiness learning experience as well as a take home resource kit with materials that will reduce your time and financial investment. This package will include a sample business plan, tips for presenting to investors, information on marketing within a restricted industry, local compliance information, Cooking with Cannabis tips and more.


Have more questions before you order? Simply give us a call at 541-414-4367 or email us at

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