We Know Why You're Here.

So, you're ready for the Green Rush. The marijuana market in the fastest growing US market and we want to make sure you don't miss out. ComfyTree offers entry-level cannabis training, consulting and resources on how to enter and operate in the cannabis industry. We offer online classes, conferences, workshops and resources to provide accessible and affordable education to entrepreneurs globally regardless of their state or country's current legal status.  Entrepreneurs in prohibition states benefit from advanced knowledge to help prepare for the future. Live market entrepreneurs benefit from our consulting services and educational resources to help them launch and maintain their businesses. We cater to 'Weekend Warriors', working professionals transitioning to entrepreneurship and offer weekend events that fit comfortably in the traditional work schedule.  

Participants in our day-long cannabis education seminars learn about several revolving topics including: 

  • Dispensary and Cultivation Center Application Tips
  • How to legally sell CBD Hemp oil in your state
  • Marijuana and Hemp product Knowledge
  • Cultivation (Hemp and Marijuana)
  • Investment opportunities and Investor Pitch Tips 
  • Cannabis Diversity Insight
  • Risk Management
  • Market Research
  • Ancillary Opportunities
  • How to effectively market within the industry
  • And more...



To learn more about our curriculum click here or call 541-414-4367 or email us at comfy@hellocomfytree.com

Our goals is to Educate, Elevate, Emancipate prospective entrepreneurs with a focus in marginalized communities. 

Maybe you are not sure about the cannabusiness. Perhaps you are intrigued and are not sure how to enter into the market.  Are you a woman or minority looking for unique opportunities as it relates to the cannabis industry? Are you searching for entry level insight on how to proceed in the cannabis industry? Looking for a new venture in an industry with a favorable outlook to expand your investment portfolio? You have come to the right place.

At ComfyTree Enterprises, our mission is to provide individuals with the tools needed to enter the cannabis business.  We have a special interest in empowering marginalized groups and contributing to diversity within cannabis entrepreneurship. We are committed to presenting complex information about cannabis in a user-friendly, relaxing, and Comfyway.  We don’t want to confuse you so we won’t.  We want you to understand the difference between Sativa vs. Indica, the difference between psychoactive strains and non psychoactive strains.   We want you to have the same opportunity as the big Pharma companies have – to sell, grow, and create jobs with some of the world’s most powerful cannabinoids.  We know, we know - we said ‘cannabinoids’ – don’t worry we will get you up to speed in no time….that’s just what we do….that’s the Comfyway!
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